Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Betty Lipscomb, and I am located in McKinney, Texas. After retiring in 2012 from a long career as a hospital employed registered nurse,  I decided to do something with my extra time that addressed one of my passions--dogs.  I never liked the idea of leaving my dogs in a kennel for boarding, even though I know they would be safe and cared for there.  So, what I offer clients is a home environment (mine) with a person (me) interacting with the dogs on a 24/7 basis.  The dogs have free range of my home and both yards (front & back are fenced). They can even sleep in my bed with me, if that is what they are use to doing in their home. Weather permitting, they get one leashed walk in my neighborhood every day.  And my intention is to never be gone for more than a total of 4 hours in a 24 hour period when I have boarders.  My home is small and I have 2 small dogs of my own, so I try to limit the number of boarders to a maximum of 3.  I can make exceptions to this, however, depending on the need and the temperaments of the dogs. I like to text pictures & videos of your dog to you while you are away so you can get a visual of how he or she is doing.  My goal is to relieve some of the stress to you and your dog caused by leaving them in the care of someone else. You can rest assured that they are being cared for in a loving home until your return.  Contact info: 214-542-3232   or  mlipscomb1@tx.rr.com

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