I am a single, retired registered nurse.  The boarding dogs stay in my home with me along with my own 2 dogs. Both my front and back yards are fenced and I spend time playing and interacting with the dogs.  At night, they sleep in my room with me  in as close to what the owner's setup at home is as possible. They are fed according to the owner's instructions & the owner provides the food.  I can administer medication to the dog if needed per owner's instructions. Before the first visit,  there are a few short forms to fill out by the owner, such as a personality profile on the dog, a veterinary release form (in case emergency care is needed while in my care) and a information sheet that explains the policies of All Tails Wagging.  Dogs are given a daily leashed walk, weather permitting. The dogs have free range of my home and both yards and even can be on the furniture, if allowed by the owner.