1. What is the maximum number of dogs that can be accommodated?   I have 2 small dogs and my home is small,  I prefer to board only 3 dogs.  However, this may be adjusted according to the need and the temperaments of the boarders.
2. Is there a size or breed restriction?  My home is small, so I prefer to board small dogs.  However, I don't limit myself to small breeds only, as long as a larger dog is non-aggressive and gets along well with other dogs. All boarders must be non-aggressive, no matter the size.
3. Is there a person at home with the dogs at all times?  When I have boarders, my goal is to not be away from the home more than 4 hours in any 24 hr period.
4. Where do the dogs sleep?  I want the dogs to feel at home.  Whatever their sleeping habits are at their homes is what I want to duplicate. That could include a crate, a dog bed, or my bed.
5. Do I need to provide food for my dog?  Yes. Dogs do best if they are kept on the same diet to which are accustomed at home.
6. What if my dog needs medication?  Medication can be given while your dog is staying with me.
7. What things should I bring for my dog's stay there?  Food is the only thing required.  My home has lots of dog beds, toys, leashes, and food bowls. If there is something special that the dog loves and would miss if it wasn't available, it is best to bring it. 
8. Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered?  I definitely prefer that all the boarders be spayed or neutered. No female dog may be boarded while in heat. My 2 dogs are female and spayed, but I never know if I might be boarding an un-neutered male.
9.  Is there a minimum days stay requirement?  No. The charge is $25/day.  Check-out time is by 1pm. Dogs picked up after 1pm will be charged for that day.
What vaccinations are required for our dog?     I need documentation of current rabies, parvo, and bordatella vaccines.