Betty’s Loving Care
I cannot say enough about Betty’s loving care to my Westie, Chloe. I rescued Chloe four years ago from a terrible life as a breeding female at a puppy mill for 5 years. She was timid and afraid of everything when I first got her, but she responded to my tender loving care and blossomed into a vivacious, precious little dog who loves me as I love her. When I had to go out of town, it was very important to me to leave Chloe with someone who would be gentle and loving to her. Betty was absolutely perfect and even texted pictures to me of Chloe having fun with her and her other dogs. It was so reassuring to know that I had left my baby in the care of this lovely lady who loved Chloe in my stead! Praises to Betty and much thanks. I certainly will leave Chloe with her any time that I cannot take her with me

Chole’s Owner
Lauren Roach

Compassionate Dog Lover
I do not like to leave my dogs in kennels. I had to come to Dallas, Texas for surgery and needed to find a pet sitter for my 5-year old spoiled pomeranian maltese. I found Betty through mutual circumstances. It was the ideal situation with two fenced yards, doggy door and dogs to play with. Betty is a compassionate, dog loving care giver and I had no worries while I was hospitalized. I was comforted to know that my problem child was well taken care of.

Teddy’s mommy,
Helen Kershaw

The Love My Dog Needs
My Yorkie, Sweet Pea, stayed at All-Tails-Wagging last week while I had to work some long hours away from home. Normally I work from home and she is right by my side all day. I knew she was not able to stay in her crate for 12-13 hours while I was gone. It was such a pleasure to leave Sweet Pea with Betty and know that she would follow my specific instructions and would love on Sweet Pea like she needed! When I came to pick her up, while she was glad to see me she even went back over to Betty’s lap while we were talking. Normally she is dragging me out the door if I’ve left her other places. Highly recommend this place!

Cathy Griffin
McKinney, TX

My Dogs Love Aunt Betty!
I can’t imagine leaving my three dogs with anyone but Betty! She has owned and fostered many dogs and really understands them. She is my “go to” person whenever I have a behavior question or I’m wondering if something is “normal”. Betty kept my three when I was in Europe for three weeks, and I was certain that they were receiving the best of care, making the trip so much more enjoyable. I was even comfortable leaving my sweet dog with a serious health problem with her, knowing that I could trust her judgment completely. My three little ones know when we turn on her street that they are going to see “Aunt Betty”, and they can’t wait to get out of the car. Betty is a true dog lover, and they can tell! Almost anyone can make sure your dog gets food, water, and exercise, but only a special person can make them feel loved and secure in your absence.
So grateful for you, Betty!

Jackie Jackson
Dallas, Texas

Home Away From Home
Dear Betty,
Thank you so much for making my very first time away from home such a great experience, I didn’t even have time to miss my family! You were very loving to me, you let me play with your toys, I got to lay on your bed, I never felt alone or abandoned and I even slept in Rosie’s crate (well, I guess I kind of snuck in when Rosie wasn’t looking and found myself so cozy that I “accidently” fell asleep). I also got to go for walks, and you even made sure I had my 3 meals a day since I’m still a growing boy. While I was at your house, I even learned how to use that cool doggie door and to “sit” before my meals. My parents were so proud to see my new skills. My mom is telling everyone about you! So from the bottom of my heart, thanks for being my perfect home away from home!
With love and kisses,

Otis Lawson
(pure bred mutt)

Capable, Loving Hands
My family and I recently boarded our little Jack with All-Tails-Wagging while we spent some time away from home. It was an ideal situation. I could tell from the moment we entered Betty’s home that Jack would be in capable, loving hands and that he would have the time of his life playing with the other dogs. It was like he got to go to puppy camp! Betty wanted to know all about Jack, what would make him comfortable and what might make him nervous. She sent us text messages while we were away just to let us know that Jack was doing well and that helped us to totally relax and enjoy our time away. When we returned from our trip, Jack was relaxed and happy too. It was totally obvious that he had been well-loved and cared for.

Lauren Lintner,
Dallas, TX

Loving And Professional
Betty, at All-Tails-Wagging, has watched our dog, Francie, many times, and it always is an excellent experience for Francie. Betty is loving, patient, gentle and professional. All-Tails-Wagging offers a marvelous set-up for dogs, with fenced front and back yards and freedom to move about inside the house. Betty happily accommodates whatever our dog’s needs are–from feeding to sleeping arrangements–and gives her lots of attention. Whenever we travel, Francie visits “Auntie Betty,” and we would never consider any other boarding situation for her. We highly, highly recommend Betty and All-Tails Wagging!

Charlie and MaryBeth Berry
McKinney, TX

Betty, Rosie and Alice are the best!
My Miss Julia began staying with Betty in August 2012. I needed someone to care for Miss J while I had repair work done on my home. Within days of dropping Miss J off at Betty's home each morning on my way to work, my dog would run for the door and race to get in the car to go to Betty's home. Miss Julia has been staying with Betty for 9 months now and when I arrive to pick her up she does not want to go home. Betty has kept Miss J when I've made several out-of-town trips and while I miss my dog, I know she is in wonderful hands. Miss Julia adores Betty and considers her to be her second mom. She also loves her two step-sisters, Rosie and Alice (she has growled at Alice a time or two and been put in time out LOL). If you are looking for a loving home-care environment for your dog, I could not think of any place better than All-Tails-Wagging.

Carol Mitchell
Miss Julia's mom